all people who help save my relationship

Many people offer married advice to couples when they seem to be having problems. The trouble with offering advice to people is that not everyone is the same. Not every relationship is the same and in every partnership, there are a whole set of different expectations that may not fit into the equation of the advice that is being offered.
When people think that they have the story straight, they believe that they are in the position to offer advice on how to fix the problem. Communication is a funny thing. What one person thinks they hear may not be at all what the other person said. If this is the case, than the advice is merely offered based on the information at hand.
The old saying is that there are two sides to every story. Besides that, there are also issues with how people tend to perceive the truth. What one believes to be truthful, the other can clearly see that the situation is being misunderstood. It is difficult to fix a problem within a relationship if the communication is not clearly understood.
Having friends and family offer their advice is nice on a casual basis. Everyone says what they would do it this was happening to them. The difference is that, once in those shoes, the decision on how to handle it may be totally different. Listening to the advice of friends can be soothing, and comforting but take it cautiously. Sometimes it can cause more problems than it will solve.
Remember that when someone is explaining an incident that happened in their marriage, they are coming from a totally different view point than perhaps their spouse would be. The story they are sharing may be what happened in their eyes, but could be completely inaccurate if the whole story was to be told. There are many types of requirements that make relationships work. What works in one may not work in another, so the advice may not be worth its own weight in another persons marriage.
All relationships have strong and weak areas, just as the people who are in them. Their experiences, beliefs, and moral issues all come in to play and become part of how the marriage is formed. When working on a personal relationship, be clear on what the expectations are from the two who share it, and don’t get lost on what other people think.
All points of view are personal and come from one place. When others offer advice, it is because they see the issue from where they are, from the relationship that they have experienced it in. It doesn’t mean that they know how to fix it, or have a magic solution. It just means that they have an opinion.
All relationships are very special, and very personal. They function on the need of the individuals who share it. It needs to be cared for, and nurtured on a regular basis and both people need to always feel respected and validated. Be careful when taking advice from others, as it could be damaging and very hurtful to your partner. Be careful offering save my relationship advice, as it really is just coming from one point of view in a place that is not part of that relationship.